Are You A Hero?

     It seems like lately, I can't walk five steps without something on my phone, or in the world around me offering a quick fix to something or other. And of course with targeted ads and weenie entrepreneurs horny to 'fill gaps' in the market, were left with an endless tirade that spells out one message. 

You don't have to do it, we did it for you. 

     Its a dangerous game amigos. And obviously no ones out there buying all of that shit, but it's sure as hell not driving a good message to those who might be at the very threshold of igniting their inner flame. 

     Think about it, if you looked in the mirror yesterday and said,

"Fuck... I look like, E.T"

and you're already prone to just sitting there and smoking weed all day, that ad you get while on your morning scroll is gonna look a lot more attractive than getting off your ass, and attaining a gym membership.


Whatever the hell... 

     At some point we gotta look around, and realize were responsible to help our friends and loved ones not fall for that crap. ESPECIALLY if you're the one they see striking poses, and training your guts out. 

     You could be the exact reason they thought to themselves 'fuck, that could be me' 

"What if I don't care?"

     Well I got some news for you, you aren't heroic in the slightest. Why? Because Heroes help people. And if you don't want that, then enjoy your likes, and enjoy your shakes. But those run dry, as your body rots. 

     The wisdom you might pass on is immortal, and lives through you, or if not through you? Then someone better.